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Division of industry is why we refer to the work-o-sphere. If you know what industry you're in it's easy to get a job. In the hospital-o-sphere, for example, you either work on the equipment, or use the equipment to assist the patients. This gives us happy thoughts, for a doctor isn't going to be looking at a machine they don't understand. But what of the patients? If a technician is standing in a hospital ward and someone needs the kind of assistance that we would call obvious, what is that technician to do?

In other words, all who are not qualified must treat patients like worms.

In truth, those who go into hospital without people to visit them and see to the needs that are not on an instruction leaflet, will feel just like they would be better off in a flower pot waiting for a bird to come and eat them.

But, Pregnancy!

I try not to walk past maternity wards unless in a group. For the sake of remaining a happy bachelor, and not a bachelor-in-waiting (who might be happy, except the waiting is nothing but worry), we don't want to get involved in the blame-game that pregnancy is.

As mentioned, we're all for assisting nature: for surely few children are born without the mother's assistance.

It does seem that the microprocessor was a troublesome child, for it made its presence felt to the world while still in the womb; the laws of business kept it there. It came about that the mother was to have twins or triplets but business was yet clutching fast. Eventually a hobbyist stopped this analogy nonsense.

I'd try to find his name for you, but he is not an Aryan.

The businesses that were pretending to be mothers annoy us yet with their kooky announcements.