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There's no better description of cold comfort than a bank balance.

I first had one when nobody could answer me where money came from, hardly anybody seemed to care, everybody knew it was better to spend it than have it; and knew how to make it, and talked about how it was made and what from. We--which is a term meaning a subset of everybody--who didn't have a chance of making our faces pretty, knew that buying things for those who didn't have to try, was an important aspect of having a bank account.

A bank balance is of course an integer.

We say, of course, because some people, whose prettiness doesn't stop with their faces, find it convenient to bring the conversation to things which away from faces are to be found yet may be called pretty, at the mention of the word figure. Which obviously can't be bought because we buy pretty things to put on shelves.

Yet we were never under any illusion that cell division was unrelated to the importance of keeping a healthy bank balance.

Another integer is what is called net worth.

This comes about because we are encouraged to have more than one bank account, and to use more than one term for a bank account. Net worth calculations are almost impossible to make, even for net-worthy souls; for electronic banking makes use of the smallest divisions of time that computers make available. Some might call this greed, but some prefer to lie on their back and feel the world turn. We find, when we look at history, that some people are great attractors of wealth.

There is a story that all English children must know, which is summarized by two words and which describes the true condition of great attractors of wealth. But English, which used to crawl through the earth, neither plant nor animal, decided for the grub, and metamorphosed into a creature which needn't eat, drink, nor sleep.

Which equally describes those who decide for the fact of inflation.

Because there are forty-eight hours to every day. Which is a dagger into my heart on the matter of where my thoughts were leading when I thought I aught to have continued working to make myself an island.

The only thing that remains to be said, is the question of what a real devil-woman will or won't do to show her powers if she decides to go back to the word real, replace it with the word practical, and then prove her powers with the only numbers which may then be called big; with the exception of practical programmers who are capable of looking at the phrase, big enough. Which brings me back to a project belonging to a programmer who isn't, and a real attempt at determining the series of a function which is best associated with the phrase boundless but limited; which might be attempted if it is known that no-one is going to be interested as to whether we're capable of determining e to any number of decimal places.

Or none at all.