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See, a bubble inflates. What is inflated carries a recollection of an assertion of gender. Trying to catch up, we might find that we are being expected to ignore a fact that has been plain as fucking day for about as long as we can recall. Graciousness needs an example.

Seeing a rift we do the only sensible thing. But what do we do with things that tracked us, like an occult team was following our thoughts for the sake of making configuration neat and tidy and no-one's fucking problem?

See, I wouldn't have started my 'own thing' had an existing tool been available.

Committing to 'kicking off again,' I need to find a selfish cause: routing provides a useful stress-test; filesystems are yet a Sketch, but I have no intention of undermining what assists me to correct myself.

Word databases look at me from in between the lines of that last sentence. That's also a matter of stress-testing. Noting that it will also require us to look at Native modules, it seems I'm going to have to uncommit on the earlier idea.

If we store anything, it is going to start with numbers. Defacto standards for these surround what allow us to take a photo of something that's an unsightly mess, press a button, and show everyone how it would look after a thorough manicure.

That's good enough for tea; maybe I'll make it two.

Just don't let yourself think that that gives you the right to the bottom of the ocean.

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