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Why do they call ours the generation of x? And are chromosomes anything more than communication between experimentors?

If an experiment is opt-in, you're either in or out. Those who opt in, and then later look at the bible, might use ancient translations of Hebrew words to say why they chose to opt in, if they then decide it wasn't a good idea.

But that's going from one idea that isn't good, to another: like smoking you're an experimentor for life.

While it helps to admit to yourself you're a smoker, it doesn't do to then go round talking about smokers, or talking about the words used for the inhalation of smoke, or the means of inhaling-smoke, or the words used for those means, as if your experience amounts to something.

It's usually easier to will someone to do something than to do it yourself; but some people are frightfully disobedient. An absent-minded baby can't take himself out of the cot.