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The school system decided to call computer science, artificial intelligence. This gets people excited--at least, it used to--when they hear what a graph is and relate it to the particles of grey matter. But it can only be schoolchildren who come to experimenting with cell division before their education is complete--which includes being pushed all the way through the sausage factory--who don't come to realize that some things are ineffable, and that some things taught to schoolchildren are therefore heavily dumbed down. I came to appreciate that I had been talking too much about the residual effect of this, from when I finally found that the sharing of mental skills is not a matter of will.

It's not can't, it's won't!

And the old culture, which didn't insist the education of children be systematic, was sever--possibly excessively so--with people who said can't. But I can't stand for the old culture any more, because divorce was introduced through it, and we won't blame all the ills of the world on that. This is my decision, and I expect anyone who has followed my changes to give me the understanding that publishing my unfinished opinions has been the only way to reach it.

Comparing ourselves to the creatures of the eighteenth century is almost impossible; to say that we haven't improved since then, no less. But then we think, 'Shit! Ballroom dancing was such a bloody good idea!'

But you ain't goin'a get boys off'a their motorbikes.

Motorcycling provides an ingredient of necessity in terms of getting dressed for an activity. If we wanted to show off our hairy legs we'd have to ride very slowly. The same applies to showing off our manliness by looking into the wind. But some still think that the necessity of a motorcycle helmet can be compared to the necessity of a bicycle helmet; then again, some people insist on talking about things they have no experience of.

My personal experience brings me by association to think of farmers, in terms of their adherence to the law. It's not that I refuse to give you the details of this seemingly unconnected thought, but if writing was adequate to describe all experiences we would all of us do nothing but read; which is what some farmers think of townies.

Farmers are likely to know best when something is just a contraption; that is, when a thing is just common sense, or when it has been devised to hoodwink the ignorant; which applies particularly to law unless a farmer thinks that fences are where law should stop at. In which case we call them country-boys.

The yeomen in ancient times were all the protection a king had; and the sons of farmers rose up one last time against the king that everybody insisted had to go, nobody doubted would've died of heart failure if given a dirty teaspoon, anybody could've seen the solution was to look for a friendly foreigner to replace the throne, but somebody had to hang in the wind before it would be accepted that no peaceable means was possible.

And this upset the theologians who were sure that the martyrs had brought about the kingdom of heaven.