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Painting the sky, is a phrase which gives me a dull headache.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: clipart demonstrates that curves defined by cubic polynomials can be used to represent any picture, to enormous resolutions. The automatic generation of polynomials for pictures from photographic sources is called lossy compression. The only place for lossy compression is for things which are there merely for an effect; thus pictures, video and music are most often stored and transmitted with lossy compression. In dim distant days this was at times called Fractal compression. Fractals, however, are functions which allow us to create interesting looking pictures, which might have scientific value, but at present have the inestimable value of allowing a layman to dictate to a mathematician what he aught to be capable of before he can call himself a mathematician.

"In the future, we might simply watch the flowers growing."

Some, indeed, would have changed the conversation at the word enormous; thus a skilled programmer does well to keep his fat trap shut.

Obviously code can only be compressed with lossless compression. As a programmer with skills which some acknowledge, but who doesn't own a fat trap, I find myself saying 'obviously' when I've told people things so many times that the only reason I'm writing them is for there to be any hope at all that in the future I might enjoy talking to them.

According to reliable sources, Phil Katz was bullied. The reliable sources, we can be sure, include those who spread their good influence far and wide. If this influence intersects with the set within the universe of behavioural patterns called bullydom, so much the better.

His character matrix app had made him famous. This provided microcomputer users the most well-balanced lossless compression format, it demonstrated that Shareware was a viable business model, and it allowed DOS users to hold their head up high amongst Unix men and women.

Though it was not a unique app, it was so good that Phil could not help becoming filthy rich, with only his mother to help running the business.

The name, of course, is synonymous with that which a hungry baby reaches for, when it is incapable of chewing.

At the height of his success, the most popular platform kicked away the command interpreter foundation. At this time he was in his mid thirties.

Cutting his mother out of his life, gentle creatures of influence generously gave him ways of spending his fortune.


Phil Katz didn't have a father to tell him to pick up a guitar. To save people the trouble of applying their minds, historians will simply call him a Nerd. There is a term which is supposed to be complementary to that one, but if we accept that as fact, we are living in times no more advanced than those of the Trojan Wars.

Format Wars is a game which people commonly play these days. Some avoid the Zip file format because they know it has a dark history. With any luck, with a few critical readers, we might resume the use of just about the only defacto standard format that is a jolly good one.